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As the desire to be green and make sustainable choices develops ever increasing global momentum and importance, we at JDV Group are increasingly focussed on our environmental responsibility, to ensure that the decisions we make today don’t have an adverse impact on our children’s’ futures.

We embrace sustainability and sound environmental choices at every stage of a project cycle, including our own head office operation.

Whether striving for Green Star project certification or simply wanting to make a conscious effort to embrace the principles of sustainability, we have the qualifications and expertise to advise on sustainable choices and concepts. We see it as our role to guide our clients through the opportunities and options to help you make practical and informed environmental choices and decisions.

The Asia Pacific headquarters of MasterCard in North Sydney, a long-term client, was recently awarded a 4 Star Green Star Office As Built rating by the industry authority, the Green Building Council Australia. We partnered with several leading consultants to deliver and obtain this milestone certification, of which we are very proud.

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